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  1. We are Lanka Travel Mart (Pvt) Ltd, a limited company incorporated in Sri Lanka offering inbound and outbound travel packages and experiences curated by a network of travel agents who are listed on our platform www.lankatravelmart.com.
  2. We are a technology product and we act only as an intermediary between you and the travel agent providing a travel package on our website with the details given by the listed agents and we are not liable for any discrepancy between you and the said travel agent.
  3. The following Website terms of use including the privacy notice hereunder apply exclusively between Lanka Travel Mart (Pvt) Ltd and anyone wishing to access the Website and/or to use the functionalities available on the Website (hereinafter, the "User").
  4. Lanka Travel Mart (Pvt) Ltd  shall make its best efforts to provide a 24/7 access to the Website, except in the event beyond the actual control of Lanka Travel Mart (Pvt) Ltd and subject any repairs and maintenance work required to ensure the Website runs smoothly.
  5. Lanka Travel Mart (Pvt) Ltd shall not be held responsible in case of any technical failure, breakdown, operational issue or interruption, preventing access to the Website or any of its functionalities.
  6. The User's devices remain under his own responsibility. The User shall take any appropriate measure to protect his own devices and his private data, including in case of a cyber attack. Lanka Travel Mart (Pvt) Ltd shall not be held responsible in that case, the User remains responsible of websites he visits and data he shares.
  7. Original Travel Company will be able to engage the User's liability if he/she fails to comply with these provisions.
  8. The terms herein are governed by the laws of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
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  11. The User and/or the Customer are responsible of all activity in relation with Services they access or use while they are connected to their account.
  12. By using the Services and the Website, the User and the Customer declare and warrant that (a) all the information they gave to Lanka Travel Mart (Pvt) Ltd is true and accurate ; (b) they will keep ensuring the accuracy of this information and (c) their use of the Services does not violate any applicable law or regulation.
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Registering with our travel services, you may provide us with:

Personal details which include your; name, email, mobile, city 

Your account login details, such as your username, social profile and profile image.

When you browse our websites, we may collect:

Travel preferences that you select via the interface and filters

Information about your browsing behavior on our websites.

Information about when you click on one of our deal listings

If you log-in using your social network credentials to connect to our platforms and online services e.g. Facebook or Google, you will agree to share your user details such as name and email with us

When you inquire about our packages online, we may collect:

Name, Email, mobile, city 

Information about the packages that you have shown interest, including what you clicked, when you clicked and from which travel service provider the package is offered

When you contact us or we contact you or you take part in promotions, competitions, surveys or questionnaires about our services, we may collect:

Personal data you provide when you connect with us, including by email, phone or through social media, such as your name, username and contact details.

Details of emails and other digital communications we send to you that you open, including any links in them that you click on.

Your feedback and contributions to customer surveys and questionnaires.

Personal data you provide about other individuals:

We use personal data about other individuals provided by you, such as those people on your booking details.

By providing other people’s personal data, you must be sure that they agree to this and you are allowed to provide it. You should also ensure that, where appropriate, they understand how their personal data may be used by us.

Personal data is collected:

To conduct automated decision-making and profiling:

We use technology which tracks your use of our website, app, products and services to help us build a profile of your preferences. What this means for you is that you are more likely to receive direct marketing and promotional offers that are tailored to your specific preferences, based on your previous activity.

To administer and develop our products and services: 

We monitor how our services are used to help protect your personal data, detect and prevent fraud, other crimes and the misuse of services. This helps us to make sure that you can safely use our services.

We may use personal data to respond to and to manage security operations, accidents or other similar incidents, including medical and insurance purposes.

We use personal data to carry out market research and internal research and development, and to develop and improve our platform to serve you better.

To respond to enquiries, complaints and disputes:

We use the personal data we hold about you to help us respond to any enquiries or complaints you have made, or deal with any dispute which may arise in the course of us providing our products and services to you, in the most effective manner.

Protecting your personal data:

We know how important it is to protect and manage your personal data. We take appropriate security measures to help protect your personal data from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration and disclosure.

Who we share your personal data with:

We may provide your personal data to: 

In addition, we may disclose your personal data:

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time so you may wish to check it each time you provide personal data to us. We won’t alert you to minor changes, but if there are any major changes we will let you know, and where appropriate ask for your consent.